Health Services


We’re pleased to provide pharmacy services to all our patients. You can fill prescriptions at no cost from our pharmacy. If you have a prescription from a TRICARE network or non-network doctor, you may fill it here, as long as it’s available on our Basic Core Formulary. Call us at 334-953-7971 to see if your drug is available. We provide up to a 90-day supply for most drugs.

Maintenance Drugs

Maintenance drugs are those you take regularly for a chronic condition (i.e., drugs to control blood pressure or cholesterol). All beneficiaries must refill certain maintenance drugs through home delivery or at military pharmacies. This does not apply to active duty service members.

Search the List of Maintenance Drugs to see if you have a prescription that should be transferred to the Maxwell AFB Pharmacy or via home delivery.

Transferring Prescriptions

If you have prescriptions at a TRICARE network pharmacy, you may transfer them to our military pharmacy. Call the Express Scripts Member Choice center at 1-877-882-3335 to learn more about prescription transfers.

Tips to avoiding any potential long lines at the pharmacy: 

  • Have your doctor send prescriptions to us electronically at DoD Maxwell EPHCY and activate them ahead of time! 
  • Avoid the peak hours of 10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
  • Avoid Fridays or days after a pharmacy closure (example: federal holiday, third Thursday of the month, etc.) 
  • Utilize the Script Center for your refills:

Filling Prescriptions

New Prescriptions

If your doctor is located at our facility:
  • Your doctor can send prescriptions to the pharmacy electronically
  • You can turn in a paper prescription at the pharmacy
Is your doctor a civilian TRICARE-authorized provider?


NEW! Remote Pharmacy Check-In Using Q-Anywhere

  • Now you can reduce your wait time at the pharmacy for new or renewal prescriptions. Maxwell AFB Pharmacy now offers remote pharmacy check-in using Q-Anywhere. With Remote Pharmacy Check-In, you can activate your prescription with a simple text message from your phone.

To use Remote Pharmacy Check-In with Q-Anywhere:

  • Text “Get in line” on your cellphone to Maxwell AFB Pharmacy at 833-343-2167
  • Enter your DOD ID number to check in remotely and automatically activate all your new prescriptions 
  • The pharmacy will process all your NEW/RENEWAL prescriptions sent in by your provider in the last 14 days (NO REFILLS) and will send you a text when they are ready for pickup